Help Cleaning and Restoring Slings

Finally got bored enough that I wanna clean my Type 53 sling of all the rust.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about this? I’ve managed to get all the exposed rust on the buckles by scrubbing with steel wool, but I’m a bit stuck on how to address the rust on the inside of the buckle.

Also, any suggestions on how to remove rust stains from the leather and the fabric that won’t remove the lettering? I saw vinegar would work, but I’m worried that it might discolour some of the lettering.


For Leather the old Saddlery products are the go. Saddle Soap, Jay El wax/oil and if really brittle some Neatsfoot oil.

For the webbing parts a toothbrush and soap and water would probably be the best or perhaps some time in an Ultrasonic cleaner again in plain soap and water,

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Thanks for the tips - I’m guessing an ultrasonic cleaner is going to be pretty much my only hope for those really tight spots where the buckle is flush with the cloth.

Looks like time to invest it one - would you happen to have any recommendations? Or are they pretty much all similar?

Edit: They’re actually not as expensive as I thought they would be - I’m guessing a generic one off ebay should sort me?

I bought one that looked like this one. It was a few years ago so I cant look back on who I got it from . It was off ebay Iand I got a 6L one. It has worked very well for lots of things like cleaning out trigger assemblies I dont use it for cleaning cases. I prefer the tumbler.

just mild temp soapy water dude, point is to wash it, not make it look brand new. And retain the stamps… Toothbrush, soap, water, nothing else is needed.

As for the buckle, no idea. If you can get it off the sling, few methods, on the sling, maybe metal brush and bronze bore brush to get into tight places, but yeah nfi

Put it in a delicates bag and sling it in the washing machine on the “Hand Wash” equivalent cycle? :stuck_out_tongue: