Head Worn Torches / Lights

I thought that a head worn lights may be a good topic to review some products out there.

They seem to range from some pretty cheap models however there are lot of really expensive ones as well.

I purchased a Led Lenser H14.2, probably a bit over a year ago.

(Youtube review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVxLLW8FfAY)

I think it was on special and while it was not cheap (CIRCA $AUD170), far from it, for a torch, it seemed like a better value than some I had seen in a few fun stores. The battery compartment is worn on the head as well, which I thought was a better idea than some of the remote batteries. Less cords to get tangled - a simpler solution. What really sold me was the lens.

It is comfortable to wear and is balanced, having the batteries at the rear and the light at the front, it doesn’t slip forward or backwards. It has a lot of features but the basic one of being a light is easily turned on by a press of a button at the front. The Lens is able to be moved up or down in 5 well defined positions. It enables the light to be directed forward if you are on the move or if you are working the light can be directed down at your hands. The light can be really easily spread from a wide angle beam to a focused spot beam by moving the outside casing either quickly just forward and backwards or slowly with a twist. It is not tight nor sloppy and maintains the setting you have chosen. The light operates on 4 AA cells either alkaline or rechargeable. It can also take two of the larger lithium batteries and will also take external battery packs via a usb.

So as a reviewer, I give it a big thumbs up.

I have two headlamps that I use. Actually, one and I have recently purchased another, can never have enough.

The first:

It’s powered by a single 18650 rechargeable battery, cost me around AUD55, which I thought was an exorbitant amount of money for a headlamp, but I did my research and reviews pointed to this one. Specs and details are here.

User experience, it has 3 modes, from dim, good for loitering around the camp and working; to concentrated beam that you can signal spaceships with. And the intermediate mode, when I suppose other modes are not appropriate. I use the dim option when I am just hanging around the camp or the brightest option when I am geographically embarrassed in the bush after sunset.

Works very well. A single 18650 (I typically use high quality 18650s) lasts a while. And will gradually downgrade (switch) brightness modes as it discharges.

On its own, excellent build quality, solid, value for money. Served (and continues to) me well for three years in cold, wet weather.

Con, as per the unit itself - none. It’s great. For my use case, however:
Batteries, 18650 is probably the most powerful cell you can get and I always carry a spare. For me that’s another bit of kit and weight that needs to be one me and I didn’t like it, especially when I am pretending to be a mountain goat for hours. Also, I am always on a quest for less carry weight.

It’s not a big deal and on a backpack hunt or local application, it’s an awesome torch. For me, I like things to be a little lighter and smaller.

Recently I purchased this one:

Works well. Feather weight. Takes 3 AAA batteries, which is perfect and can be acquired anywhere in a pinch. Also has 3 modes, the brightest is not as focused, but very bright and just as good for getting out of sticky situations. Practically speaking, it’s as bright as any other torch, when considering the environment – dense scrub, with short visibility. On paper it’s quite a bit less powerful, but in practical sense, for my use case, it’s as good in terms of brightness at required distance and much lighter/compact/takes standard batteries. I suppose there are tradeoffs with everything, this one suits me pretty well.

I like it and now it stays in my bag permanently, as before I used to take it out in the morning and drop it back in, in the evening.

As a side note, I have 2 backups… Phone, obviously, if it gets really bad! And this little guy:


From dx.com… AUD4.69 and free delivery. Pretty sweet deal.

Rugged AF and tiny, I mean, a vergin alter boy could smuggle it into prison, tiny.

Quite bright for what it is and takes a single AA battery, which is good, because that’s what my GPS takes, so I always have those in surplus.

I saw these in the Hammer shop just last week. It was what I was looking for when I first wanted a head light. Couldn’t find a reputable but cheap one then. I didn’t look at ebay for some reason online is often an after thought for me.


I use this one, by petzl, got red light which i use sometimes and minimal messing around with functions on/off for both white and red light is very important without having to hold for 3 seconds here 5 seconds there and touch your left arm to get the thing on or off, got stolen a few months ago but liked it so much i got it again its 130 lumens at max or there abouts, did yours end up coming good? @sungazer

Yep new batteries sorted it out. You are correct some of the features like the strobe need a good memory and precise sequence and timing of pushing buttons :grinning:

Why do they have strobe? Mine has it and I just don’t know what to do with it.

The strobe feature is for one of two reasons but both for attracting attention. You have probably seen bike riders with flashing lights they are more easily seen or at least attract your attention. So it can be used for that type of application.
The other would be in case of distress like lost in the bush the flashing light is again much more eye catching a single light can be mistaken for a beam of sun through the trees.

Strobe is a ‘tacticool’ function. Mostly useless but meant to disorientate people looking right at you.

I prefer my head torches to be compact. Don’t think they make the Black Diamond models i have anymore but they stil churn out some good, cheap and compact models with high, low and red/amber beams. The Red/Amber beams are good to protect your night vision and keep insects from dive bombing your head in warner months. Mainly use low beam around camp or while I’m doing stuff around other people. Nothing worse than people looking up from a task and blinding you with a high beam!

Strobe is good for weapon lights ( sort of ) but useless otherwise in my opinion

Affordable and compact. They make these as rechargeable now. This one takes 4xAAA cells. On high it wil throw usable light to about 40-50m. Has a dimmer rather than beam select. Good except when you forget you dimmed it last time and think “WTF has happened to this f×÷+k’n thing!?!” :joy:

I can’t find my other one because it is so compact I always forget which pocket i put it in.

Below: Smaller, Olight M22 for when you want to see what’s going on out further. Fits nicely in a pocket. Larger, Olight M3X for when you really want to see what’s going on out even further. Has also doubled as a CID but i don’t endorse this use on a regular basis; just shoot better!!!

I have been reading the Led Lenser site and yes they are marketing the strobe as a tatical self defense feature. I am astounded that they will use the “Tactical” angle to try and sell flashlights further than Maglight did as being more of a Baton.
I would not want to be in a position when I considered switching my torch to strobe to protect myself.
The antis and police better have a crackdown on all the Bicyclists out there with there flashing tactical lights trying to daze and confuse the public. :rofl:


Mine is an “outdoor expedition” from Ray’s, it’s takes 3 AAA’s has 2 leds for light duty stuff / battery saving and a bright light for other stuff.
I couldn’t find a pretty pic of it on line. I guess they don’t sell it anymore, but I paid about $50-60 for it if I remember correctly.
I quite like it, battery life is good, no stupid button configurations just click on bright, click off, click on led.

It is a pet peeve of mine devices that use 3 batteries. All the charges I have do either 2 or 4 cells. I have 1 torch and something else that I can remember that always means getting another battery from somewhere to fill the charger.

More offensive “tacticool” than defensive “tacticool”.

AS AusTac, suggested, for a weapon mounted light on some law informant or military raid, maybe useful but also confuse the b’jeepers outta your own team!

AS for a tactical application on a head torch; personally I’d rather not have a target strapped to my head! :scream::rofl:

Exactly nothing says “I’m here” more than a flashing light. Emoj DoH or forehead slap


Yeah night vision is tactical, head torches are for camping (although I use mine around home all the time too )unless your tactic is getting shot in the head, in which case I recommend just getting a cheap torch, you won’t need it long!

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Much better to have a pressure switch on a weapon anyway, illuminate, do what you have to do, switch off and move Tf away from that position as @Gwion and @GUN-DMC you’ve just become a bullet magnet haha

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I make a point of staying off two way ranges!:sunglasses:

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Incoming fire always has the right of way :joy: