Has anyone worked/works with Kydex?

Pretty much as the title suggests?

Thinking of making quick belt rig… Wondering if anyone works with Kydex?

Tips, suggestions, learning from mistakes, etc?

Made a few sheaths with it before, i know you’ve got alot of tools, get some heat resistant foam and a make a press ( wood sheets and a tensioning method of your choice ) heat gun is handy and a dremel for polishing cutting is handy no doubt you’ve got all, not really sure what else to say, bit of trial and error in terms of fit and finish

Thanks, @AusTac

Yep, got all of the tools, minus press and foam. That I can make pretty quick. Did you go all fancy with rivets, etc?

Another question, I’ve been looking for Kydex and there are a few sellers. some ‘local’ sellers on eBay are obviously Chinese, drop-shipping or just faking location. Either way, does it matter which one I get or is it all the same at this stage (i.e. would you recommend a supplier)?

Depends what i’m going for but usually used grommets/eyelets and then you can get creative and make a seperate backing say with a belt clip or tek lok and use chicago screws to attach them

Theres a big difference in kydex quality, i always go the good stuff from


What are you going to make? Never done a pistol holste but have made/modified a bunch of knife/multi tool sheaths

This is exactly what I am thinking.

To start with, I want to make some belt ‘pouches’ for quick loaders:

…and then see how I go after that.

Thats a tricky shape/object to start off with but seeing some interesting designs on google



You wouldn’t have photos of what you’ve made on hand? Would love to have a look at reality vs YouTube stuff.

Not at the moment, all my goodies have been shipped interstate and not yet quite unpacked but we’re moving on the weekend, i’ll post some up when i find my box O’ knives

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I haven’t worked with Kydex, but for the chicago screws and clips you can certainly get crap ones that will frustrate you. I use these guys for high quality fasteners for my leather gear. Made in good old US&A.

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