Has anyone EVER got a return email from brownells Aus ?? 🤔

Brownells Aus never get back to you!

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I have. I e-mailed them once asking about a delivery that was taking ages even by their standards, and they replied with an update and timeframe for when it was likely to arrive (and it did arrive when they said it would in the e-mail, which was still ages after it should have, but that’s a different story).

I’ve emailed them heaps of times regarding work , parts and accessories and never have they replied , it’s disgraceful !

My understanding is now Brownells USA can ship direct to Australia thanks to the ITAR changes, the Australian arm has pretty much been sidelined. Doesn’t excuse not answering e-mails though.

I’ve even called them and they have said they’ll look and get back to me and still nothing :rage:

I’ve had email responses from them…

Maybe they just don’t like me then! :joy:

I’d suspect they may be a little disorganised in the current time. And with back-end deliveries all being stuffed up too. Who knows… US side of the business now ships here, so really there’s no point going through AU distributor (which is what it really is).

Nah, I sent a couple of inquires with no response. Well before the current SNAFU world.

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After trying to make their stupid website work I gave up on them before sending emails became relevant

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Yes, and they said that could not supply what I needed and then called me with an alternative product. but other times no, there site annoys me as it only reflect the US site which is painful

I’ve never had any problems with either phone or email contact. Always replied.
However, there have been several references here, on this forum, and others, that the ITAR rules have changed. Can anyone here provide a specific reference to that being so?

I got confirmation from Brownells USA that I can order $400 worth of brass without a permit.

I aslo have purchased a Boyds stock from the USA for well over $100 thats now in Sydney.


Order (i.e. export)… Yes. But what about import?

Needs a B709A or B709D (for Cat H brass) from your state’s Weapons Licensing/Firearms Registry branch. They’re free; they can just take a few weeks to get.

Brownells US are nice and quick with getting your order shipped at the moment too and UPS nice and quick. Ordered 27th and it’s already cleared customs. Just waiting for it to make its way up from Sydney to Brisbane.

I should have clarified. Brownells do not require me to purchase an export permit (previously $250 USD). Brownells do not require me to provide any Australian documents either.

Border Force/Australian Customs will seize components of ammunition on import 99% of the time and will require a B709 permit from the NT Police.

Got ya. Still an epic step forward, I have never done B709 process, but I imagine it’s 100 times simpler than US export process.

Yeah its basically the same as a purchase permit for a firearm up here in NT at least.

In Queensland you send WLB an e-mail saying “Hi, can I have a B709A for this item please? Here’s my details” and they mail it out to you.

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