Happy New Year !

Happy New Year, to all you mob. Hope you all have a great night and a prosperous 2021…

Cheers :beers: :beers: :beers:


No Fireworks in Melbourne tonight.
I think I might get all the guns out of the safe load them up and let em rip at 12. Make a bit on noise to rival the fireworks.
Happy new year guys. :star_struck: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :+1: :love_you_gesture:


Happy New Year indeed! Shops closed tomorrow, the one day a year we close our supermarket.

Interesting stats not including today

For the year 2020 we sold:

4129 bottles of Bundaberg Rum.

215 Butane gas stoves.

1922 whole Humpty Doo Barramundi.

166 frozen Kangaroo Tails.

2907 packs of Bravo 20’s Blue cigarettes.

18 scooters.

1 Electric Bicycle. ($1599)

1 Borat T-Shirt


Were the Butane stoves to locals or blow ins?

All locals this year.

Happy New Year all. 21 has to be better than 20…

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…unless '20 was just a warm-up. I for one remain pessimistically realistic.

Happy almost new year. I’ll probably be off line for the rest of the night so, cheerio, have a good one.

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Sweet, mods are away. Post epic bantz niaow!

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So we can have just as much freedom and fun as usual then… :+1:

:beers: :beers: :beers: :beers: :beers:

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Im going to be on my bestest behaviour while he is away. hic

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That we have to see lol

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Happy new year to you all. Hope this one is infinitely better than the last.


Got my brother down from the NT, now hes wondering if/when he can go home.

I go in a couple of weeks, but now my mate can’t come up to help me build the shed, well he can but he can’t come home again if he does

Happy New Years, I was in bed buy 10 as I’m working my last day today.

Early one for me too mate. Just finished my shift, hoping this year much better than the last.

With the news of the borders shutting and no flights available out of Vic we downed everything packed up, hired a car and hammered it from Vic to the SA border over night and am now in adelaide, what a night!


Are you gunna do the quarantine thing or turn back to VIC mate?
I have a couple more weeks before I head off, I’d love to catch up if you’re around before I leave.

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We’ve just landed in WA, couldn’t afford to get stuck in Vic, i had planned to come and visit a few of you over the next week but gutted i couldn’t, are you off on an adventure?

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Great way to see the new year in.