Happy new year to everyone!

Happy new year to everyone and thank you for making this little baby forum awesome. The only way is up!



Happy New Year to you and your family. Also a happy New Year to all the members and I hope the new year is good to you all.

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Thank you to @juststarting and @GUN-DMC for putting together the forum.


Happy New Year all

Yep a very happy new year to one and all!!!
And may the lobby grow bigger than some of the members collections in 2019!! :beers:

:vulcan_salute: Happy new year & don’t drink too little. :beers:

Happy New Year. 3 young children meant it was a very quiet and orderly NYE for me. Truckies I know , can no longer get fireworks on the way down from Sydney, so that was kyboshed as well.

Welcome to middle age. Hope everyone has a prosperous and enjoyable 2019


Nanoo nanoo and boomshanka to all in 2019! :sunglasses:


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Happy new year to all.

Just had a think, and the last time I remember having more than one drink on NYE was 1999/2000. Either been driving or paranoid about neighbors starting fires since then…