Happy new year (almost)

Happy new year, almost. Hope you all have plans to celebrate vigorously, but safely. And thank you all for supporting this forum and making it awesome.

…and here’s something I’m planning for tonight :slight_smile:


Once again, I hope all you crazy fuckers eat and drink too much

Like I said :slight_smile:

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Yeah all you blokes have a good one if you can’t be good be good at it :laughing: yes be safe don’t make bad decisions tonight like run out of beer or food anyway boys and girls have a happy new year and enjoy

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Happy New Years you lot. Im having a day off tomorrow.1577790825294482041933591581897

Well I might as well join you lot though I will be working tomorrow and will be sound asleep by 8pm , Happy New Year to you all…


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Well my new year’s was awesome. Went to the missus friends house. Some random dude there, partner of another friend. Totally belligerent drunk, passive aggressive fkknuckle. Have to hold my tongue on several occasions, end up nearly punching on , so now I’m home. Called it a night early before the shit hit the fan.


Smart move.

I’m home too. Best place to be!

Me too, waiting for the locals to set off fireworks…

Not too sure about this new year, it is still as hot with just as many bloody flies and there still seems to be as many idiots at work as there was last year.

I think that a new year is overrated. I liked the old one better.

Ive had 63, so i dont get too excited anymore.

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Yeah but I bet you don’t remember them all

Dont remind me

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