Handgun grips discussion

The aluminium grips on this CZ are useless in this humidity. This is my excuse for yet another sub 800 service match score. Ive stopped drinking and my scores are going backwards.

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Those thin aluminium grips that come stock get so slippery
First thing I did was change them for carbide palm swells

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Interesting… I’ve shot in high humidity and in medium-30s heat (not uncommon in Melb) and I find CZ OEM grip texture to be perfectly fine with super sweaty hands. I recon you lot need more grip strength exercises :slight_smile:

The rubber ones on the sp01 are mint in any condition.

@juststarting I have 2 strong hands thank you very much

They feel too thin for me as well, so I suppose you’ll tease me for having big manly hands

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I immediately got the scene playing in my head - I DON’T NEED HELP, I CAN DO IT MYSELF! lmao


I’ve designed some that look tits compared to the boring silver my cz ts2 came with

It’s just the whole purchasing in USA and freight forwarding experience that is holding me back

Do some more cooming to build grip strength

Oooof! I would absolutely love custom Deadpool grips, but that price tag… I mean, can you barer for sexual favours or something, because in AUD that would be a new gun by the time it gets to you.

I think it was about $350 to my door for custom grips

WAPOL PTA/application fee is $280 odd, so you’d have to get the gun for free for it to be cheaper than grips

Try this site @Mullmans:
They’re based in Czech and I have an order on the way.
They had optic plates for the P10 for 50usd + 10usd shipping to Australia.
Lots of grips, some Lok too I think.
If all goes well I’ll be ordering again.

How much extra for a Czech wife?*

*Do not mention this to my current wife


At the moment they’re like budgies and going cheep.

Did your order turn up mate and were you happy with everything?

Yep and yep :+1:
I made another order since then and same result, smooth sailing.
Averaged about 2 weeks for postage.

Thats good to hear mate, thanks!

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i was reminded of my grandparents lawn bowls days. Bunch of arthritic octogenarians; The all used ‘Grippo’, a grip enhancing tacky waxy paste that smells like frankincense. Shit works amazingly. Other brands include Wingrip, OzGrip and Griptek. Henselite and Prince and Wilson make a version of it. Good stuff.