Handgun Club Recommendations

I’m very keen to get my Cat H Licence. Can any lads in Victoria recommend a club for me to join? I’m pretty lost on where to go/what to do. Closest to Melbourne would be ideal.

There are a few in Melbourne, mate, where are you? And how far is too far, travel/driving time?

One near West Gate I believe is your best option than, @Supaduke might have more details, the name escapes me right now.

Found it, https://misc.org.au - the absolute best way, is to drop by in person on a club calendar day (whenever they are open) and talk to them. There will be a committee member on duty, just drop by, say hello and take it from there. I’m in SE, so unfortunately that’s all the help I can offer here.

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Misc is your best bet, but be sitting down when you see the membership fees…Sometimes its worth paying a bit more in fees, if you don’t have the driving but…