Handgun Club Recommendations

I’m very keen to get my Cat H Licence. Can any lads in Victoria recommend a club for me to join? I’m pretty lost on where to go/what to do. Closest to Melbourne would be ideal.

There are a few in Melbourne, mate, where are you? And how far is too far, travel/driving time?

I’m about 15 from the CBD. I travel to Eagle Park every so often to shoot there, but ideally closer to the CBD the better. I’d prefer not to go to the south east.

One near West Gate I believe is your best option than, @Supaduke might have more details, the name escapes me right now.

Found it, https://misc.org.au - the absolute best way, is to drop by in person on a club calendar day (whenever they are open) and talk to them. There will be a committee member on duty, just drop by, say hello and take it from there. I’m in SE, so unfortunately that’s all the help I can offer here.

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Excellent, thank you so much mate.

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Misc is your best bet, but be sitting down when you see the membership fees…Sometimes its worth paying a bit more in fees, if you don’t have the driving but…