Gwion's modem troubles

Still have some 555s. Found the round nose jobbies shot better in my rifles than the hollow points. Have some blown out modems too so I might shoot the shit out of those with the left over Winnie’s to vent my frustrations at the short life span of modern technology…

Perhaps abacas is more your thing :slight_smile:

Say that after going through two routers a year for the past 4 years…

Sounds like you have wiring issues or buy really cheap routers with really bad power supplies. I have the same router for 4-5 years.

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You run solar and genset don’t you?
Might be getting powder surges when swapping from one to the other.

It’s a surge through the ADSL phone line in electrical storms. Blackened phone jack tells the story.

DSL filters?

Do nothing. Roots those too.

Installing a new, faster modem tomorrow and saving the ancient one I am using now for when this new one blows up.

Might want to have a word with Telstra or whoever the provider of the line is.

Yep, that’s fucked up. And potentially lethal.

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I have spent many many hours talking to Telstra. Their solution is for us to go wireless nbn… Of which we will get little to no reception, or to go satellite of which we will get sfa reception on cloudy days… and let’s be frank… I do live in Taswegia! :joy::joy::joy:

Something like this: maybe?

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Tried similar thing in power board and no signal seems to get through (Ie: connection with line in filter and to wall; no connection when run through surgery protector). Weird thing is it doesn’t blow the phone, just the modem.

Trust Telstra to take the easy way out and also the more expensive way for you. I would be taking it up with the ombudsmen.

You might be from Taswegia but you are still more advanced than us from the wait awhile state.

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Yes, but the average number clear cover days for good satellite reception are definitely in your favour! :joy:

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That’s about all lol
Unless you count having daily temperatures around 40 during summer as a bonus lol.

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A summer that is longer than some random Tuesday in January wouldn’t hurt…

Thats facked.

Another issue i had with some electrical appliances in the house was loose connections behind the power points.

Nah… Only happens in big storms when lightning is near by.