Gwion's Hand Forged Knives

The rough hammer marks really do it for me.

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You’re up late!!!

Just going to bed now

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Mmmmm, and going to bed… Makes me wonder?

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Met a guy in the pub who builds rammedearth houses. Got chatting and mentioned i had spent the day making knives. Said he’d like a hand made knife; in fact two: one for him and one for a girl friend of his. Should have them finished for him tomorrow.

You split the topic while I was typing lol…

Good stuff, matching pair . I was thinking of doing the same for the cooks birthday in April so will have to send you a message around February to discuss it with you.

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Hahaha… sorry.

Sure thing. Just let me know. :+1:

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Reading this thread again and I am thinking about all those antlers that must be out there. Also why they are not found more often by deer hunters. Also isn’t the older the stag the bigger the set of antlers. Hunters are often looking for the deer with the biggest set as a trophy. You should be more likely to find a deers rub and a cache of antlers than the deer himself. Pondering

Yeah, interesting. I’ve seen more deer than casties. Usually you are looking up, not down and they are very hard to spot. Not to mention that they are not cast in any particular way or even at the same time. And mostly just as they run along. I’ve never seen anything around a rub. So must be there, just sparsely scattered on the forest floor along with sticks, etc.

Sharpened and ready to go.

I couldn’t stop myself from playing a bit more with the top one and I’m glad i did: handle looks much better and is still very comfy.
None of these are made for heavy work but will hold a good edge and be handy little field knives.

I’ll be posting the top one and afew others in the classifieds section soon. I’m trying to fund a new stock for my target rifle…

These are the ones going in the classifieds…


Where do you advertise them?

I don’t really. Just post pics on FB and such. I only make about 6-10 a year. Too busy with 80 million other things to take on too much. Friends tell friends, etc…

Mate, looking at your knives you could make the professionally.

Thanks. Got some way to go before that. A new grinder would be a big help to cut down time. The list goes on and on…

Sold those two today and the bloke was very happy. My wife saw the cash on the table and just now tried to ear mark it of more property costs… bugger off, I’m getting that new stock!!!

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The list will never end, not long after you get that new grinder you’ll start thinking of another, bigger, better and badder one.

I can’t wait till I can have you leave some more cash sitting on the table!

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Most of my files need replacing. The grinder i have is limited on what belts are available. A good 2"x72" grinder will mean i can grind down to 400 or higher grit and save time on hand grinding for high finish blades.
Better hammers. Propper tongs…

Those top three knives are still up for grabs…

@Gwion Here are a few ideas for you.





Seemed appropriate :slight_smile: