Gunsmithing The rifle tune up

Ok so as most of you know I shoot competitively but am just a new comer to the sport so learning heaps. My rifle barrel has done around 2000 rounds and being the beginning on a new shooting season I thought I should check the load and perhaps make an adjustment if needed. Also to compare the group size at short distance to this time last year for comparison. I guess a reason for this was I thought I was not getting as many centres as I used to.

The target showed the group I was shooting had opened up quite a bit. So I now had to look for a cause was it me or the gun or any part of the system?

Luckily at the comp on Saturday I was talking to or made a comment to a competitor that had just schooled everyone on how its done. The comment was congratulatory but he made a reference to how well his gun was performing to which I replied well your so lucky to have such a skilled dad in gunsmithing (who I had never met). The reply came back well here he is standing next to me.

So the talk got around to my gun and the question was asked when was the last time it was recrowned to which the reply was never. so how many rounds has it done? about 2000. What we re crown them every 300. I inquired to when and how long the process would take and I think I was really lucky here as after a little discussion it was bring it around Monday and I will do it while you wait.

Monday morning I was there on the doorstep it started with a thorough inspection of the gun and most importantly the barrel end which I had come to have looked at. It was shown to me that the last inch of the barrel had coned out. So the plan was to chop an inch off and recrown. Early afternoon this had been done and other issues were being sorted out.

I was amazed at the wear that the end of the barrel takes from the exhaust gasses. It was something that couldn’t be seen but with the right measuring equipment was so obvious. Before and after measurements where done just to show the difference and prove he was not full of shit.

He pointed out quite a few issues with the gun system none which surprised me I did all the work myself to save some money and learn.

At least I passed the first step which was a borescope inspection to check the condition of the barrel and most importantly your cleaning regime. I got the ok and the comment that I was one of only a few that he didnt need to clean the barrel of to start with.

So no point to this post other than as info and I will report back on the results. Soon to be tested for load dev and then in a big way.


Every 300 rounds… Spider senses are tingling.

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Yeah ok if you have a very proud dad that is really behind you. For the rest of us mere mortals probably if competing at 1000 rounds.

The comment was made that he saw a lot of hunting rifles that had be tuned down to fit muzzle brakes. That really suffered badly not just coning on the inside of the barrel. May have been an exaggeration but I could believe it if it was shot heavily.

Ooooohhh I don’t know. Hunting rifles don’t topically have MB, unless you like permenant hearing damage. He probably seen one, applied a little bit of liberty to one, made it one-hundred. 1000 rounds to wear out a barrel, in a small bore, again sounds a bit out there.

I know a couple of blokes who shoot F Class and they rebarrel at around 1000 to 1500 rounds. They do the same as sungazer did and shoot a group at a closer range and if the groups are starting to open up they change barrels.

Yes if you are shooting F-open with a hot 6.5 or 7mm 1000 rounds is about all you can expect out of a barrel. Shooting the 155s in a 308 the life is somewhere from 3000-5000, 5000 is lucky and gone.

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Doesn’t even really need a brake on it. Think of how many rifles come with threaded barrel these days. Lots of thinner barrel 300wm guy shooting heavy bullets hot. I can see how they would wear now esp in comparison to what I was shooting.

Learning something new.

But it all still sounds like a wank.

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Not if you’re keen to compete at high level.

I subscribe to zero tolerance when firearms are around. Certainly not competing when high!