Guns That Changed the Game

Next week on the 8th on SBS Viceland a series Guns that Changed the Game begins at 7.30pm. Could or should be an interesting watch.


Anybody else watch this I thought it was pretty good. This week it started with pistols and then went into some of the early military rifles. Not all the guns were real game changers in warfare there were a couple shown that were used in History defining moments such as the Carnaco shooting JFK.

For mainstream TV if you consider SBS to be such it was good not quite to the level of C&R Arsenal or some other youtube channels. Anyway looks like it is a small series and is on again same time this week.


Also available on SBS On Demand if any of you peeps missed it - though you need a free SBS account to watch.

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I must be getting cranky. For me i was a show that made me change the channel.
Some pretty basic inaccuracies.

I watched it all and I’ll keep watching, but it annoyed me that they kept showing the wrong guns to what they were talking about.

Lol. He was shot by an AR15, total accident. Stop looking into this and go about your business modem noises

Yeah, the wrong images being shown pissed me off. They also got a lot wrong about the J.M.Browning / Winchester Story. No mention of the 1886, Brownings’ original lever action design and origin of the 1892’s.
The Colt “Peacemaker” did fuck all when it came to being the “Gun that won the West” , just another myth. Thanks Hollywood.
The Sharps and other buffalo rifles did more to “win the West” by wiping out the Bison herds that deprived the plains Indians of their way of life and made them easier to control and pacify.