Guns on post office floors


With level 4 Melbourne shutdown imminent, what happens to guns in transit, destined for Melbourne gun shops? Does it mean that guns will be scattered over the post office and currier company offices and floors?

Has anyone offered that advice to pollies, who most likely haven’t considered this?

There’s simply not enough information about the lockdown implications to know. At this stage, post offices, courier companies and gun shops have not been ordered to close - although obviously if someone lives more than 5km away from one, they can’t go there for a non-work reason.

We’re monitoring the situation but there’s basically not much else that can be done at 3:45pm on a Sunday.

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The NSC has asked questions and are waiting on a response from LRD, stay tuned!

As soon as we have answers we will share them.


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@NationalShootingCouncil - any updates ?

  • What happens to guns in transit, destined to every gun shop in Melbourne?
  • Issued PTAs that cannot be used or paid for and will expire during lockdown?

I think your PTAs will be “tough luck” if they expire. That’s what happened to them up here in Qld last time around, ours last 6 months though so not quite as bad. I reckon it’s probably number 9,000,001 on the govs list of stuff they care about atm.


My PTAs I am not concerned about, this is something LRD can accomodate with reissuing… Have happened before. That said, I am interested (a) what happens, because the volume will be huge; and (b) what happens with guns in transit. Though this has been hinted at and answered on FB already (open for business, not public for a week or so).

I think it might be a lot lower than that lol. However! There are departments that manage these things (LRD) and they should be managing it…

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They sound more reasonable than the mob up here who’re patting themselves on the back for getting licence wait times down to 17 weeks, and we don’t even have a zombie problem…well not yet anyway.

I wish I had pulled my finger out and ordered my shotgun a week sooner. I’m going to miss out collecting mine by a few days it seems.

Not that I can use it, but I like my guns in MY safe.


We all need something to look forward to.

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No updates to report as we have not received any information from LRD and neither have our dealer contacts.

Vic gun shops remain open.

Maybe you could try emailing LRD and see if you can get answers?

They don"t seem to like talking to us these days lol!




Whilst more detail is to come, we can advise that LRD have told those dealers affected by Stage 4 lockdowns that they will be permitted to be on site to receive deliveries of firearms and ammunition and to conduct online sales provided the premises are closed with no public access.

This does NOT mean a Click & Collect arrangement

More information as it comes to hand…