Gun storage space saver tips :)

Thought I’d share this, if you are like me and bit short on space… Since I am a little short on space, here’s what I do to maximise storage capacity.

First - bolt’s out and guns get stored in socks. This way, they can be stacked against each other without worrying about scratching and dents.

If your gun has a pistol grip or scope, you’ll need a 6" wide sock.

about $7 per sock, I usually factor this into price of the firearm.

Then bolts:

@sungazer - this is for you. Cheap plain pencil case with a keyring to know what’s what.

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Yes I should do something like that. I once took the wrong bolt to the range as I just went on what it looked like from behind.
I also go to the extreme of removing some guns from their stocks to save on space.

Not sure on gun socks as I have never used them. Are they made from a cotton material or something similar?
Are they just natural or do they have a coating of some sort?

They have a silicone based coating on them.

Ahhh cool. I thought that it might have had something on it to help protect it.

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