Gun Shows in Vic

Altona Nth July 6th

Ballarat 13th, July.

Bendigo 24th of August,

Anyone going to Altona?
Im thinking if going if I can.

Yeah I might go to the Altona one.

Probably go to Altona, almost certainly going to ballarat

Yeh, maybe meet up?

Why you going, OB?

P.s. Probably altonna

To keep an eye on you :crazy_face:

Sounds like a plan mate.

Keep an eye on you and gun-dmc.

Actually, mainly curiosity. Also looking for the odd bits and pieces.

I’m thinking putting a pta in pre-emptively.

Are there any entry requirements for these shows? Might come to Altona to have a wander around, and try learn more.

You have to wear camouflage jumper. Preferably Stoney Creek or Spika. Although, Browning will also do. Any bag on you, must be a hunting backpack. No other bags will be allowed. Caps are encouraged (see jumper). Further more, you are obliged to start conversations with all firearm dealers, telling them about your collection in detail, no matter how small it is, basically you have a 20 minute quota that you need to fill in of their time. During that time, you are not allowed to purchase anything, just take their time. If you need to buy something, Do that in the second 20 minute allotment. Other than that, no requirements.


You on the sauce?

Money mate, $15 for Adults, parking is free at this venue. Your entry includes a raffle with a chance to win a .22 rifle & scope, gun safe or other shooting goods, Cheers.

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Seems the next melb show has been canceled.

I hope that everything is Ok for Jeff and that he’s back up and running soon.

There are some substantial roadworks going along Dohertys Road. Access is very restricted. Like many others , I hope this is the only thing going on and nothing untowards. Very well run show, just down the road from me.

I think this weekend in Bendigo is likely to be my last show for the year. My budget is well and truly blown so might be best to miss the Australian Arms Auction too.

Way, way over priced. Like heaps! Although, looking at the last sale prices, it’s not too bad. Trick is to wait until the last 100 items or so, by then serious dudes bought what they want and everyone blown their cash. If stuff you want is in the last 100 or maybe 50 items, you are going to do very well.

AAA is not overpriced on most items, if you are aware of international pricing trends and local collectible and retail operations. A large proportion of lots go to America and Europe, a swag to local collectors like me, and the rest to retail outlets and general public. If you know what you want and the current retail and availability, then bargains can still be had. I agree that the back of the auction is a “happy hunting ground” for me, though. As for Jeff and Altona, Altona is permanently cancelled due to a complaint by a kiddies group about people with guns, even though that particular group do not attend the premises on the weekend the gun show is on, but complained loudly anyway. Venue management called Jeff and basically said, “that’s it, you’e out”. A new venue is being sought, so if you know of one with a similar floor size and adequate parking, tell me and I will pass it on, Cheers.

That’s a real bummer :neutral_face: