Gun maintenance - silicon cloth

Can someone tell me what this magical silicon cloth is, I keep hearing about on YouTube for wiping guns (i.e. rust inhibitor)?

I have an oily rag that I use, started with Inox, but I guess it has all sorts of gun oils on it now… Self lubricating lol. But I am interested what the hell is “silicon spray”?

Can get things like tuff cloth, a cloth impregnated with some thin oil in like a foil sandwhich bag i had when ages ago i got for free with a knife, worked ok but i lost it

Silicone spray is a lubricant, used it on arrows and printers use it for some purpose, also used it in the automotive industry, pretty much just a spray lubricant, pretty much once you spray it on it doesn’t really come off wouldn’t trust it as a rust inhibitor though

I’ve been using silicone cloth pretty much ever since I started shooting: ProShot Gun Silicone Cleaning Cloth - SILC - Pro-Shot

They are fantastic for giving your guns a quick wipe before you case them to drive home (especially if it’s a long drive) or if you don’t have time to do a proper clean before you put them in the safe when you get home.

Silicone spray. Spray your rifle, give it a wipe. Is a great tire shine. Spray some under your distributor cap and rotor. Use it on your rifle socks.

But never, ever ever ever, go anywhere near a spraybooth/cerakote/coatings joint with that stuff. Its the worst thing in the world for that.

Camphor in the gunsafe works well too! Yes moth balls, believe it or not…I use them, in conjunction with oily rags

Camphor is also the best sight black you will ever find!!! Simply light a small piece in a air pellet tin, and hold your sights above/in the flame… wipes off easy when not wanted too!!