Gun identification in pop culture

I was watching The Castle the other day with some friends, and there was a gun in the movie that we couldn’t recognise.


I honestly think it’s just some old school, single shot 22 of some sort, but it looks like there’s something on the muzzle, or at least some kind of threading. I liked the look of the fore-end though.

Any one got any thoughts?

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The crudely shaped shnabel (sic) forend is reminiscent of my Toz17.
Lots of threaded muzzles around when suppressors were easy to get.
Some single shot russian?

Front sight, from the pic sort of curves around the barrel and has an elevation ladder thingy… Feels like capitalist yanki winchester. My money is on Model 60.

I am disgusted with myself for being able to identify it this quickly. I need a shower. I am totally not drunk watching electric scooter videos.

hrmm could be a toz, definitely looks like it in profile. The shape of the sights feels off though.

It could just be a plug in the end of the barrel to show its a de activated gun. But I have no idea.

Looks Toz to me too.
Model 16 maybe, the cooking piece matches but maybe not the bolt handle.

Yeah - I thought it was some kind of Winchester - the rear sight looks like the one on my Lithgow, which was apparently a very close copy of some early Winchesters.

The stock doesn’t look like one on a Model 1 though.

The stock of the Toz looks right, but the rear sight doesn’t look the same. Looks chunkier on the Toz

The barrel also looks heavier in the movie one.