gun cleaning poll

Should @juststarting clean his rifle, that hasn’t been cleaned in at least a few thousand rounds?

  • Yes
  • No
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Best to try and avoid cleaning until it has a catastrophic failure, then replace it and repeat.
You’ll save a fortune on patches, jags, solvents etc.


Yeah, tonight is not the night. Maybe another night :slight_smile:

Yeah, i reckon you should come and clean mine instead!

Lol :laughing:

Ok I just cleaned one. Hope everyone is happy. Bloody bullshit, that’s what it is.

Depends…is the rifle worthy?

Doesn’t matter. I cleaned a bunch of guns today. It was a bit overdue.

I find the thought of doing it sucks big time, but once you actually get started it’s enjoyable and therapeutic for the first couple (or even few), then after a few it just becomes a pain in the ass.

On the bright side it does feel pretty good when you’re done and they’re all clean & purdy.

If they clean quickly and easily its enjoyable but when cleaning them starts to create more mess elsewhere its shit. More work to clean up and the wife is going to be all over me yelling at what a mess I am making. Just dont need that.

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Yeah, but then they get dirty again. I liked your first suggestion more.

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Yeah it definitely makes the most sense.


Boil the kettle, get that boiling water downbore…makes life a bit easier with the cleaning rod…

Settle down hipster, it ain’t 1800s.

Yes but the troops were onto it, boiling water is the best, for neutralising solvents. Before and after solvent…

I know the way we treat women has changed but I’m still not certain that was ever a thing

Trust me it was, and still is for some.