Gun cleaning - minimising splatter.

Last night was the night… Caught up on all my gun cleaning.

Some guns needed a little more persuasion than others, had a bit of splatter and, well…

…useful I thought, but at $27 - not that useful. So I decided to draw this by hand, convert it to digital schematic and use my non existent 3D printer with different types of filaments to make one.


I like my new and improved design. I see it as last week’s movie night paying for itself. LOL

I have marks on the wall where I have sprayed Hoppes Foaming Cleaner down the bore with a little to much pressure :grin: I think my wife would approve of your design as long as it was recycled and not just another container on the desk.



Could always look at the splatter as a momento of a good days shooting.

Lol, pass.

That’s just your OCD kicking in. :joy:

OCD? More like OCT :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just put a bucket on the floor under the end of the barrel.

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I will have to ask my Butler how he cleans my rifles after a day of shooting pheasants.
I usually just put a rag on the bench.

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I assume my wife cleans mine, I generally just leave them laying around with my dirty washing, lol!

You really are full of BS hope stupid do you thing we are.:grin:

But she only cleans them because @GUN-DMC does the dishes, hangs out the washing and pretty much all the house work.

I did hear that she brought him a little French maids outfit.

And man do I look sexy in it!

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What can i say, Im excited.

That can’t be unseen…

Ahhh my eyes… the pain