Gun brushes $3.85, free shipping, cheap cheap

I need to change a couple, seems like a good deal, thought I’d share it. I actually use old toothbrushes, but on occasion brass and metal ones, that’s the ones here.

19 hours 30 minutes left on a deal, as of posting this.

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Good deal. Will have to have a look and see what else they have.

I get a few things from there… It’s actually bigger than Google :wink:

All my jags, bore brushes, bore snakes, pretty much everything cleaning with the exclusion of rods and solvents comes from there. Also cheap (but quality) red dots (watch out for screws, strip easily) and bunch of other odds and ends, not necessarily firearms related.

Was just looking at a Zeiss scope for only $85AUD.

Yeah, nah, remember this is a Chinese site like eBay sort of, for bunch of distributors - approach with caution, lots of fakes. Apply common sense,

Yep sure will.