GTAC LA101 conversion

This is pretty epic.

GTAC in the UK have made a rem700 adapter cradle for the LA101. This means the chassis options just got a bit cooler.

I’ve dealt with the guys getting the grip adapter for the Surgeon XL AICS as it needed to be slightly modified and were very helpful.


Oh my…

With the exchange rate it would probably be cheaper to buy your own cnc and make one. Bloody good idea though.

Excuse my ignorance, but is the LA101 not a Tikka pattern? I thought it used T3 mags? Again, excuse my ignorance, I just don’t know anything about Lithgow.

Is it “LITH” 'GO!" or is it “LITH GOW” I can’t even pronounce it.

The LA102 centrefire uses tikka mags in the factory stocks.

The rimfire LA101 uses CZ mags.

Both have unique to them foot prints.