Great Forum Gents

I am a member of both forums however to date, have not contributed a lot to this one. Just wanted to let you blokes know who created this one that I reckon it is pretty good. You have done, and in my opinion do a great job. Seems to be a lot less rubbish in this one. I have ditched the other one and look forward to being an active contributor in the future. Thanks for having me fellas.


Thanks mate and you’re welcome

You are really welcome, @CAVOK. It means a lot. A lot of people made this forum.

@CAVOK It is the members who make the forum so great and fun to visit.
A lot of good information and help is made available and at the same time there is a lot of fun as well.

But the real credit goes to @juststarting and @bentaz for their vision in what a good forum needs (and they crack the whip on use poor mods) as well as the original Moderators who helped kick thing off.

And then @juststarting did all the real hard work, he’s the IT guy, but yes @1Fatman is right, it’s the members here that make it a good forum, people like you @CAVOK who like us got sick of a lot of the bullshit that goes on some other sites.

All of that, but mainly its rule #1.

Yep I remember most of you blokes on the other forum. I did wonder why you left, now after a few years, I know why.
There are some great people on the other forum too, plenty of good knowledge that they’re happy to share. Unfortunately there are a couple of A-Grade fcuk wits there also.


Yep this place is much more chill and happy without the fuckwit factor, plus it’s got better info which again is easy to read through without a bunch of fools having a pissing contest.


Nailed it.

My only net hangout…best!!

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What other forum??? Shooting Australia??