Got a K31. Again.

A really nice unbeaten-up K31. The buttplate is still shiny, magazine serial matches, wood is mostly unblemished except for one decent ding which will need the hot iron and wet tshirt treatment (no Andrew Tate, not that treatment.)

Came with a sling and muzzle cap, is very smooth and late serial numbered 1954 opens much easier than I remember my old one.

Timento load some 150 grainers. Amazing how similar 7.5x55 is to .308

Like, almost identical except the swiss is a bigger shell. $1590 from Cleavers. I sold my old one for $1500 with a shitty scope, good dies and a bag of brass back in 2017.



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Looks like someone must have just deprived you of the pleasure of removing the cosmoline otherwise a virgin. Hope they stroked her gently for you. But your big enough for her to think she still is.


Nice rifle, I like mine a lot too. They live up to the hype, very accurate rifles.


They shoot well, and throw your brass away, whats not to love!

I’ve got a sharp pointy thing that hooks on the front of that I believe…

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Probably worth more than the rifle…

Nah, very common. $200ish

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The pioneer serrated one for the Schmidt Rubin version fits and would come in handy up here.

i have just bought the same for $1000 and am very happy with it just need to get to the range to try it out

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