Gong therapy at the Range

Just getting into shooting gongs instead of paper targets at 200 & 300mts (4" & 8") Discovered that FMJ’s make a better sound instead of BT’s or HP’s (cheaper too)
Anyone played around with the idea of adding a tiny movement activated led light?
I might be breaking new ground here but what a hoot to get visual as well as audible feedback!
Any ideas will be appreciated. :+1::sunglasses:

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Sorry to burst your bubble but your not the first with that idea. I saw a product that was exactly as you described not sure where exactly though. It may have been by the same guy as makes auto trickler.

It would almost certainly be trashed in a few dozen rounds. I’ve bought high tensile chain and bolts to hang the gongs, they still get stretched and eventually threaded over time. Delicate electronic devices would be shaken to death in no time. The gongs absorb a pretty incredible amount of energy. You’d have to make the lights so heavy duty it would become impractical or cost prohibitive


This is the one I saw it must have been when I was looking at getting a magneto speed.

Awesome! Just what I was looking for.:ok_hand::clap:
Thank you :+1:

Bummer! Just realised that’s USD’s :slightly_frowning_face: with the shipping costs added it’s enough to sink the boat on that idea. :smirk:

First few shots and it’ll be peppered with spalling. I don’t see how anything other than steel can be seen as long lasting in that environment. But… Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

If you see the ‘gadget’ as a consumable, then you’d probably want to rig one up yourself for a fraction of the cost. That way it can be treated as a consumable.

Maybe ultra bright torch (something from AliExpress), an 18650 and some sort of arrangement to timed relay and/or a motion switch.

Probably doable for under 25 roodollars. Maybe even a small stand to the side of the target and a well positioned motion sensor.

Best, probably would be a well insulated (murcury switch) attached to the back of the gong with a powerful magnet and the rest to the side, like a ‘lighthouse’. That way, you’d just need to replace the murcury switch if it breaks.

Is throw in a timer relay in it too, like 3 or 4 seconds, just enough to focus on light if you’re sight picture shifts under recoil. Maybe iterate through designs…