Going full tactical

Here is a must have for those of you who are into tactical looking gear or firearms.


Uh, the Tactisac. Love it. It took @Brett 8 hours to create the perfect environmental conditions in his reloading room, to take this iconic cast off my nads.

I thought you modelled for the ones that went on the tow ball…

Ones you start modelling… Well, you know how it is.

That pretty much sums up tactical rifle owners… spend $65 to get no practical benefit just so everyone at the range can tell you love to juggle nuts. funny thing is, they can already tell!

Oh, aren’t we high and mighty, mister I would donate both nads for that $4k tactical shotgun.

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Funny story @juststarting was admiring some of my hide tanning projects one a small bag like object. when he asked what it was, the look on his face was a mixture of your kidding, disgust, and sly smile. My very own “Silk Purse” courtesy of some Kangaroo dining on my grass. Not such an easy thing to do really or I need a lot more practice.

I feel like I need one too now. Field carry 22LR :smiley: