Gofundme for WT15-01 (fighting fund)

Alright fellas, as much as I try to stay apolitical, from time to time my no-fudd voice takes priority.

Handgun participation requirements, large caliber permit, Adler, Varney Carron, Riverman, suppressors…

Donate a few dollars, at least you are doing something!
WT15-01 FightingFund (https://www.gofundme.com/WT15-01FightingFund)

Ooooof. Good shit.

It’s not just good sh!t.
If those decisions are upheld, it will tell us, perhaps once and for all, that QPOL is there to prosecute the Law, not to put their interpretation on it as they go along, and screw us with their decision/s.
It is the jurisdiction of the Courts to interpret.
QCAT probably opened a whole can of worms with this, and “hats off” to FOU for getting it this far. Well done.

Time will tell…

The usual government protocol
“Oh, you followed our rules and we don’t like the result, we are changing the rules”

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Got this today…


summary, @1Fatman? Is that the original jurisdiction discussion or something new?

Sorry I was in a hurry when I posted.
To sum it up the stay has been put on hold and the 2 blokes can still use their Wedgetails until a full decision has been made at a later date.

The way I see it, the document referred to by 1Fatman, above, is the complete document from which parts were extracted in the original post.
Apart from the decision to stay the WLB decision pending review, it’s worth noting what QCAT Member Howe say in para 64 - In light of the above, I conclude the balance of convenience favours the grant of the stay sought. A stay maintains the status quo. I see no reason why the applicants should not be able to use their Wedgetail weapons until the matter is determined by final hearing. I do not accept there is any matter of concern about public safety or public interest put at risk by reason of a stay being granted.

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Think now everyone is reposting the same doc lol.