(GoFundMe) 365 Precision Training - Legal Fighting Fund

Worth a watch

Go Fund Me here:

Doesn’t have to be much, if you can donate - donate… Even $1 helps. Maybe skip a coffee on morning. If you can’t, post it somewhere.


I donated, i’m a firm believer of the saying “the devil’s in the details” so i agree that knowing the full facts would be good, but then i thought to myself, none of the [email protected] antis know any facts about anything gun related they just jump on the band wagon and wave their arms in the air.
So i figure maybe it’s time we try that too…if it’s gun related jump on board and back it whether it makes sense or not.


I’m with you there @JSS, that’s the approach I take to duck hunting. Really I’m against it but I sign every petition etc because devided we fall

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100 times this.