Given a choice, would you...

So, based on a comment in a different thread… It got me thinking, given a choice between a day out hunting or a day out shooting (be it cans, gongs, targets, whatever, but not animals) - what would you pick? You can only pick one.

You can still do both, this is not an ultimate choice, but say in the immediate future, you got some time off, what do you do?

I must say, I love shooting. I love hunting too, but given those to options in the next, say two weeks, I’d say I would pick a range day.

Tough choice.
I have the luxury of being able to do both when I get the chance. As I enjoy shooting a lot, I will often just go to the range and shoot, be it steel or paper.
I just enjoy the challenge of self improvement/practice in adverse weather conditions and like to do it at distances around 600 to 800 meters.

Once I get some more time off I might get back into F class again.

It’s hunting all the way for me mate, doesn’t even matter if I have a gun with me or not… I’m always hunting… I actually think I’ve grow to love the hunt more than shooting over the years … Still love shooting but the hunt is what really does it for me.
Walking up some tracks and getting a look is just as rewarding for me. Shooting what you stalked is the value added full package…

Hunting is my first choice. I love shooting gongs and cans and clays with my boy but I prefer to hunt.

I’d be happy with just a day out plinking, quiteike hanging out with good blokes and getting up to shenanigans :slight_smile:

90% of the time I would pick gongs I reckon.

I enjoy the challenge of hitting things. I don’t like killing things much but do it for food or pest control. I enjoy a well placed shot and clean kill but it’s not the kill that does it for me but that i have done it well and humanely. Also, i get most of my “hunting” fix from finding and catching fish (put 95% of my catch back) as i don’t see the pest control shooting i do most as hunting.
So i guess my pick would be range.

The range for me.

Im with you there, I go out and shoot bunnies a lot, but I don’t consider it hunting its just pest plinking.
Meat gongs!

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Hunting for me, Sambar and wild dogs. I find shooting at a range just plain boring. I don’t do it any more and if I want to sight in my rifles I just go bush. But summer is fly fishing for me in the Kiewa, West Kiewa and Mitta Mitta rivers.

I would choose hunting if it was with someone I knew and it was a gentle hunt not for too long too far.


Hunting. .even if I don’t shoot anything its still a day in the scrub!! :grinning:

Same here.

Let me qualify this is a little. I live on a small block but have access to a large property within a few minutes drive (it takes longer to decide what to take and load the car than it does to drive there) with rabbits and foxes. The landowner let’s me shoot to cull foxes and rabbits, sight in and teach my kids. Shooting gongs, cans and clays is “low grade fun”. It’s almost guaranteed to be fun, and 2 hours of free time is enough to make the effort justified. As long as my brain is engaged, whilst the consequences will be high, the likelihood of an accident is low. In contrast, my main hunting properties are 5 hours drive away. I really need 3 days for it to be worthwhile. The challenges are bigger, the effort required is higher, the likelihood of success is lower, the likelihood of having a slip/fall is higher, but the rewards are much bigger. It’s “harder” to have “fun”, so it’s “high grade fun” and hence I cherish it more.

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I’d like to be able to hunt more, but I have limited mobility due to injuries. Its not so much fun when a couple of ks walking turns into real pain.
So I guess by default I pick plinking or target shooting.

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