Genesis Rifles, Enfield Arms.

Apparently Owen Guns up in QLD have started making a new straight pull rifle

It definitely looks very heavy. Interesting that the Quad rail isn’t flush with the receiver rail.

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Kind of makes sense though if there was a need to put something there the sights could still look over it. They certainly are going with the it will never break policy and high quality. Looks the goods to me. Love the fact they envisage to make a full range of guns and handguns.

That magwell/housing looks like it would take some big arse chamberings too.
Good to see manufacturing coming back to Australia.

Looks like someone used kitchen scissors on a thong to make that housing

I was thinking it looked like one of you 3D printer nerds made it!

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The first one you make has to attract attention a pissy little 22 mag well if it were to have one at all doesnt send the right vibe.

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Yes i hear you mate…

Wouldn’t you address that with higher rings?

It definitely looks very solid. I wonder how it would do as a benchrest rifle.

Perhaps you could. I have not a lot of success with different height rings. Although they were the cheapest I could get, as I was experimenting and bought 3 different sizes. Cant remember what the issue was though now, I know it was on the 7615 and it wasnt scope size related. But I am due to find out again as the scope has shit itself, again a very old cheapy so not unexpected.

Hopefully they work on some lever / button release goodness!


I’m impressed - I guess that’s what the big mag well is for; being run over by a ute.

Sorry Im not buying it. The testing that is, run over and not a bent or broken charging handle and no scope damage? Not part of the gun even more an add for the scope and rings. First time it tumbles out of the safe.

It’s still hideous. Now more than before.

To clarify. It was ugly. Now it’s ugly and covered in mud. Yuk.

What? Isn’t that how you test all your guns? It’s a multi purpose tool because you can throw it in the back of the work ute and use it as a crowbar if needed.
Also I love how he gently nudges it down the stairs like a Nanna past her time. :rofl:

It’s ugly as hell, buuut…

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Not a total loss, at least you can still use it as a crowbar.

Just need to add some tracks to it