Generic cheap shooting supplies

I think a lot of people don’t know about alternative sellers to LGS. This becomes a little more noticeable when you are cleaning more than a handful of calibers and need a calibre specific brush or a jag. At an gun shop a brush and a jag will easily send you in to $17 - $20 territory, which is madness! Considering that brushes need to be rotated and just the price for what it is! Seriously ridiculous!

So I thought I’d share my usual places where I re-stock on various junk supplies for my pew-pews. Excluding anything that goes boom, obviously. I think there are a lot of cheap firearms supplies/cheap shooting supplies, as long as you are willing to wait for delivery a couple of weeks.

So, cheap shooting supplies, cheap cleaning gear, cheap freaking everything ahead!

Some keywords for your searches:

  • rifle brush
  • rifle butt
  • gun cleaning
  • bore snake
  • cleaning jag
  • torch
  • headlamp
  • tactical pouch (@AusTac you’re welcome)
  • chest rig (@AusTac you’re welcome, again :))
  • gun grip

…be creative.

Anyhow… I shop with these sites often, not just gun stuff. A lot of components for various electronics projects, house hold stuff and random junk. Most of the time you will get, either free shipping or something like $2 or $3.

Sometimes, some things are not cheaper than LGS or less convenient. And sometimes some things are not on one site, but heaps on the other. Other times, both sites have them, so I just pick the cheapest deal - if reviews are similar; or one with better reviews, but usually it’s just the cheapest one.

Very handy to know mate! Will be checking these out :slight_smile:

Track of the wolf (USA)
Is a great one for black powder supplies that I’ve used recently, they have all sorts of other great traditional hunting /surviving type stuff too.

Reloaders haven
A great place, with pretty great prices too. He stocks all your reloading needs, right up to 4bore, yes 4 bore.
He even makes his own projectiles in .224, .308 & .338.

May be a good idea to have a buy up from Reloaders Haven he is moving house soon and says he can no longer continue to operate the business. The business is up for sale, (anyone interested) so may continue. I fear his timeline ( 3 months) may be too short for that to happen. Keep an eye open there may be some specials.

I knew he was looking to buy a bigger property, but hearing this makes me sad.
With every ones lives so busy dropping into the shop is the only time I really get to catch up with David.

Got to be joking. Hes only been open a year or two.