Genereal randomness

So on a completely random note took my oldest offspring to his first footy game (as in, him competing) and turns out I’ve raised a little animal. 6:30am start which is way too early for everyone here. Kids not allowed to tackle, but like everything in AFL, those rules are somewhat ambiguous. Technically no throwing to the ground. Which I understand. But gosh, some parents are sensitive. It’s AFL, not soccer, geeez. Anyway, also like AFL those rules were ambiguously interpreted LOL (other than no hard throws). He had a go at the ref for not paying a mark (I only saw the angry hand waving, didn’t hear the conversation). Which is funny, 7yo arguing with a dude over 2m tall LOL Not very proud of that, but respect the passion. And picked up player of the day award, so a very proud dad moment today.


Well done to him, and you too I guess lo
Atleast he is not scared to stand up for what he believes is right and as long as he was doing it respectfully , good on himl

Think it was respectful, because on the way home he told me what he really felt like saying. So based on what was not said, I think we will be allowed to return.

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THat’s great, @juststarting… but it is not AFL… it is Australian Rules Football

AFL is the brand of Australian Rules premier league.

Sorry… pet peeve.

Saying that 7yo footy is AFL is like saying school sports day is the “Olympics”…
“My kid won gold in her school Olymipics”…

I’m off game fishing now… looking for flathead :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Geeez man, did your sister stop putting out or something? Maybe you could try other relatives? This level of frustration is not sustainable.


The IGFA went well yesterday. I got a tasty gurnard and big arsed snoek.

Might get in touch with my father-in-law for a round of PGA on Saturday. :rofl:

Well, you know what they say, sailors get blown at sea. So I suppose that’s one way to make a good impression on your father in law. Good on ya for keeping the spirit of Tasmania alive. :wink:

Just going to WRC into town to get some bread and supplies…

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