Gel Blasters - good?

Whos got one? Are they good or shit? Just something thats peaked my interest today and thought i’d ask the question, not real keen on buying one as well we have real guns but still curious!

I wanted to buy one for my oldest, he was completely uninterested. They do look awesome, but after handling one at ComiCon it just felt like it will fall apart minutes after I pay for it.

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Pretty sure customs have cottoned on to these . Illegal in Vic. Classed as a replica.

Mass hysteria and victimhood…

Just had a court case up here and they’re now fully legal in qld. Had a play with one at the bikes and bulls on the weekend and will be buying the girl spawn one for Xmas

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Guess i’ll just shoot my air rifle inside then

( joking of course )

QLD police just consider them toys here.

the mag fed models seem a lot better than the hopper fed ones. the best ones are the battery powered ones like the glock, 1911, desert eagle. Have also played with an M4A1 g6. lot of fun with a big drum mag full of gel balls.

Cotton ear buds work well in an indoor air rifle so I’ve heard.

For cleaning?

Yes and huntsmans!


I’ve seen those little cotton patch things, i’m not so convinced that they’re good for the rifle, i don’t know if they’d seal properly which would allow the piston to slam into the seal without a cushion of air :thinking:

Maybe put in a cotton patch and then pop a slug in behind, you know just for a good seal? :grin:

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I’m in qld this week for a funeral, I might have to go check one out.

Anyone got a tip on where in brisvegas to have a look at them?

My nephew bought 2 to have shootouts with his mates out the farm, so my bro in law and i went and got one each, then got them upgraded, had one big shootout session with everyone and had a ball. Ever since then it sat in the spare room doing nothing until i sold it on gumtree & haven’t thought about it since.

After a bit of research it turns out they are cat d if I take it home to Vic.
Looks fun but not 10 years in the can fun though so ill be giving it a miss unfortunately.

Cat D in VIC? What the actual fuck?! (that was a rhetorical wtf, not literal question)

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That’s no good if they are (stupidly) cat D in Vic.

I got mine online from a place called tactical edge hobbies. I’ve not been but they have a store, it’s halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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Thanks mate.