Gel Blaster law changes in QLD - What we know right now

AN update on the changes to Queensland Gel Blaster and replica firearm legislation:

The changes to the Weapons Act will not come into effect until February 1, 2021 at the earliest - so right now, if you own a gel blaster or replica firearm you do not need to change anything - you don’t have to register it, sell it, lock it in a gun cabinet, etc.

Your gel blaster/replica is still currently classified as a toy (until the new legislation comes into effect), but obviously you should not take them out in public unless they are in a bag or do anything silly or attention-attracting with them. Be sensible, in other words.

We have been very busy over the past year fighting attempts to reclassify gel blasters, and put in a lengthy submission during the consultation period outlining our objections and issues with the changes. We also have been liaising with gel blaster industry representatives as well.

The new legislation is vague and badly worded, and relies on changes being made to the Weapons Categories Regulations 1997 and Weapons Regulation 2016. The Government has refused to elaborate on exactly what those changes will involve and we have already pointed out this is unacceptable.

We will be meeting with Weapons Licensing Branch in due course to discuss and find out more information about the planned changes and will keep you all posted.

In the meantime: Write to your MP and tell them you are unhappy with this legislation and want it changed; that you want the requirements for gel blasters and replica or deactivated firearms to be locked away removed, and that you are angry the Government ignored submissions from multiple organisations and citizens asking for the existing legislation not to be changed.

For the record, and for your information considering there is an election coming in October: The legislation was passed by the ALP using their parliamentary majority, supported by the Greens, it was voted against by all KAP, PHON and LNP MPs, who spoke at length about their objections to the bill and its changes.


Bloody Labor does it again. First the Labor run states attack us during covid, now they slip this rubbish through. Glad i’ve never voted for them.


If you’re interested, Is a pretty active community for gel blaster owners and obviously quite a lot of discussion happening about the new laws.

The more power these pollies get the less they deserve their position for bringing in these stupid laws

Ironic. I had a look at the Gel Ball forum. Very first random post I click on is some dude with a dodgy gel blaster and a somewhat unscrupulous store owner giving his customers the finger. Fun times.

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Yeah there are a few stores that are a bit dodgy but also a few really great ones to deal with.
Gel blasters are just toys made in China so quality does vary a lot, it’s how the stores deal with after sales support that makes the huge difference.

The reality is this: No-one actually knows what the new laws will be. I have it on good authority that a senior Government member was telling people that it was essentially ‘you don’t have to do anything, it’ll just be illegal to wave them around in public’ when that’s not the case.

Every submission from industry representatives (Shooters Union, Firearm Owners United, Firearms Dealers Association of QLD, etc) said “These laws are bad and should not be implemented”; a recent Government petition to leave Gel Blasters alone got thousands of signatures and the ALP Government has still quite openly said “Fuck you, we hate you, we’re putting these laws through anyway, now fuck off”.

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