Gear Review: Camera review

One of these arrived a couple of days ago.

Cost $59 delivered. It arrived the other day and I’ve given it a bit of a test. The daytime pics are pretty good and the night time a big improvement on the other. The main draw back seems to be a 1 second delay taking the pics. Here are some samples. The IR are 18 and 12 paces in distance. The day time is a weeell close up He He…


Certainly looks pretty reasonable for the price, may have to acquire one myself. Note… Even with the delay, yours still managed to catch a pic of ya donkey lol… :see_no_evil: :wink: :beers:

The more expensive unit I used to have was a bit better in the IR department, however I’m starting to think I’d rather invest in seven or eight of these and gain the ability to cover more ground than loose such a unit again.