Gas jet cleaning

Soo, i have aa 25 yr old single LPG burner that screws directly onto a gas bottle. Gasmate sell them these days. Gas jet was 3/4 blocked. And the hole is way too small to use the usual pricker. I must have tried 5 places. Nobody sells them anymore.

Sooo, after 5 minutes in a cheap ultrasonic cleaner all fixed.
First soaked over night in kero. Then
Water 50/50 vinegar and dash of dish washing liquid in the ultrasonic cleaner did the trick.


Good idea, it is amazing what you can clean in an ultrasonic cleaner.

I normally use the little cleaning “rods” that you use to clean oxy hand piece tips.

Yeh, my usual tip had no hope of doing the job. Too small a hole.

BCF & bunninings, & Rays tent city did sell them but no longer. Its just about forcing us to buy a new unit for $30 rather than repairing for $2


Should have tried using your… No, no, I’m not going to piss mods off.

Little pricker?

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It was just a tad too big. Lol

Which one, the little pricker or the hole???

Sorry, it had to be asked :rofl::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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