garmin xero c1 pro chronograph

Well, it’s here…

I also happened to have an old hard case which fits like a glove… And some room for an additional battery pack. Super small and light.

Pretty simple interface, super easy to understand and navigate. Power on, scan QR code to install phone app, sync, bam done. Guess it doesn’t have to have a phone app, but syncing is very useful. While I was playing with it, firmware update got installed as well, so that’s good.

Not bad. Now stay tunned for use review.


if anyone is interested in one of this:
Caldwell Chronograph Premium Kit

I’ll have in buy&sell section soon… Just need to test Garmin first.

That is incredibly small compared to the Lab Radar Technology has really moved on.

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That’s just too small…It must be some kind of witchcraft.

Oh LabRadar…

Yanick Sab Prs - Well there have been a leak … so the info is… | Facebook

Quick, quick, “leak” the photos Cletis. See, see, we are doing stuff. LOL That’s an expensive oopsy moment right there. Garmin played it well.

Had a play with @juststarting Garmin Chrono today I was mightily impressed it is even smaller than it looks in the picture. The setup was so easy with no issues it easily detected all the shots even the 22 cal and was not fussy in being aimed in the precise direction.
We compared it to a Magneto speed and the two were next to spot on with the Garmin having a extra digit of resolution the two were nearly always within One foot per second of each other very confidence giving results. Did I mention how small it is, It can literally sit on a tripod under the rifle on a harris bipod or just off to the side. The menus are very straight forward and could be operated without having to study the instructions for hours.

leaves the Lab radar for dead in my opinion.

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