Game: What's that gun?

Based on the popularity of the guess the cartridge game and also on how educational its been (for me at least) I’m starting a new game.
What’s that gun?
Rules are the same as for the cartridge game.

  • Post up a pic.
  • Yes or no questions only.
  • Hints are good if the game is stalling.
  • Please only guess if you’re willing to post the next one up when you win.
  • Have fun.

Right first one.

Double barrel, you posting it… I am going to say it’s something in the 500NE area; and it’s not 12ga/shotgun. Close?

No this one in not a shotgun, these are made in both shotgun and rifle calibers though.
I’m not so concerned with the chambering and more so with the maker and action name.

Swivel item action? I’m

Is it french?

Yes it’s french

Not a swivel action.

Le freak c’est chic.
Is that the action name? :laughing:

No but that is my new favorite song @Gwion
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Is it .50"?

Is it a sliding breach action? :wink:

not sure what its chambered in, but yes its a sliding action.

Darn it, rings a bell :thinking:

That’ll do! It’s a Darne sliding breach.
Your go mate👍

Ok then. Bugger, off to find an image of something obscure.

Another Double

Yep… looks French as well!
Or maybe Italian… they also like weird stuff.

It is French.

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Is it an 18AR-22 French Rotating Breech shotgun?

I was going to say French Twisty Turny Breech Lock…:laughing:

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