Game: Guess that cartridge

Righto guys n gals, lets play a game.
The rules are simple, I’ll post a pic of a cartridge and you have to guess what it is.
You can ask yes or no questions to help you along the way.
Once somebody guesses correctly then its your turn to post a pic of a cartridge. Please don’t guess it if you’re not willing to post a new one and check in to answer guesses and questions, The game only works if you’re willing to play.

First one, shouldn’t be to hard.

Too hard mate. About 20 others look the same.

A guess. 8x57

they all look the bloody same mate, ask a yes or no question to help narrow it down.

8x57. …sheesh

No mate its not an 8x57

Is it a 308

Looks like your lipstick, that I saw in your gun bag the other day. Is it your lipstick? Bullet shape for manly!

It’s some sort of 22 calibre. Looks like it’s too deeply seated for 30 caliber. Is it 222 or 223?

No its not a a 308
No its not my lipstick (but I do like that shade)

yes it is .22 calibre but not 222 or 223

Is it 22-250?

no its not 22-250

Something exotic, maybe? 22 Nosler?

Nope not that either.

And not 5.56?

as in .223 tacticool? no but it is .224

Damn it, you’ve considered my online sneakiness, prick!

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221 fireball

lol, yeah Ive played this game on other types of forums, specifically a tropical fish forum I was on and soon found out people love to cheat…