Funny story, but I don't know what I've learnt from it

Funny story… I’m not really sure what I’ve learnt from it.

A while ago I bought a K31 from a dude. We started talking at the gunshop and he seemed like a cool dude, was selling part of his milsurp collection, to finance another milsurp. Seemed to know his stuff, in general conversational sense, that’s how it felt.

A little later I ran into to him at arms and militaria expo. We were both buying milsurp ammo from the same person. Talked a bit more, he was also buying those yellow books with old rifles schematics. So I’m thinking, yeah, guy knows his stuff, maybe?

Later, saw him at Little River, we were a couple of benches apart. He was shooting a bunch of very cool milsurps and we were talking about some of them.

Conversation went to ammo and recoil management. Some of those old girls kick like a mule and metal butt plate doesn’t help. Looking at a box of ammo he had on the bench, I said that 180+gr would probably recoil a bit harder than 149gr actual military ammo and suggested 155 grain bullets and a lite loads.

He agreed and said thst 180gr seems like a lot of powder. I looked confused, thought he was joking, nope, legit. So I said that the number on the box is the bullet weight. Because 180gr of powder is in fact a lot of powder for a 30cal… Awkward silence… But a cool dude nevertheless. We had a laugh about it, I’ve explained to him what those numbers meant and gave him a few Trail Boss rounds to have a go with, as an alternative to a shoulder breaking artillery he was using… Seeds of reloading were planted…

So yeah, I don’t even know the moral of this story. Heh.

Moral of the story is you never stop learning!

Probably. Suppose that’s it.

That’s the nice moral anyway, lol!

Yeah, amazing how little some people know. But we all start with no knowledge at some point.

He is probably more interested in the history and collectable stats and figures than in what makes them go bang…
Might not know squat about ammo or accuracy but could tell you what month each serial number was released and who assembled each part.
I suspect if he lived in the UK he’d be wearing an anorak and documenting his sightings of trains…