Fun pew pew carbine - 357MAG or Luger?

No, I’m not buying one… But I have been thinking about the chambering choices…

There are basically three revolver action carbine chambering available here (4 actually, but I don’t care about 45LC).

So, there is a Circuit Judge in 44MAG. There are Alfas in 357Mag and 9mm.

Which one would you pick as a fun just because gun and why.

N.B. I don’t give a shit about practical hunting choice. Just a fun plinkanator.

Having shot all 3 rounds (although not all in carbines) I’d go the 357, it’s just so versatile you can load hot 357 jacketed bullets, right down to cast TB 38spec.
So more punch than 9mm but can be loaded down to 9mm specs and a heap cheaper to load than 44 mag, plus you have the progressive press set up to pump out 357 mag :wink:

What he said. .357mag for plinkinating.

Yeah, don’t know why, Luger just seems like a cool plinking round from a carbine. 357 however is heaps fun. Maybe one day I can own both.

" Maybe one day I can own both."
Now you’re starting to think properly!!!

Yep, already have 22LR. Now need the other two for the entire set.

What only one of each?

In that model and chambering :slight_smile:

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