Full Length Sizing (300WinMag)

Gents, look what I have done. I suspect it could be caused by too much case lube?
Anyhow I have pulled die apart and cleaned and the issue has disappeared.
I think these cases will still be ok and pop back into shape on the next firing.
What do you blokes reckon? Would you discard these?

No, they will be fine.
Yes it was too much lube.
It will pop out, you won’t be able to tell it apart.

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Thought that was the case mate. A bit over zealous with the lube as it was the first time FLS 300WM. Lesson learned.

Make sure you have decent lube inside the neck too. Most common cause of stuck cases. People nicely lube the outside and completely forget inside the neck.
I use one shot spray lube. Easier to work with than rub on one’s.


Thanks mate, I am an advocate of the one shot spray lube as well. I am a little perplexed as to why I thought I needed extra on the outside as it is a bigger case. Having only loaded up to 308 and 270, for some reason I thought 300WM was some monster that was going to get stuck when full length sizing. Anyway, after a clean of the die and a wipe of the cases, the rest of the batch were sized without any further incident.

Well… You often need more lube for bigger things in tighter places bwahahaha. Looks like excessive lube, like others said. I get that with some cases when I don’t wipe excess off. Will form right out when fired.

:joy::joy::joy: well I wish I had that problem.

Thanks mate.:+1:t2:

Exactly what the others have said. It will be fine to shoot and the dent will pop right out.
Graphite is also another “lube” for the case mouth, just put a small amount in a container and dip the case into it but don’t go onto the shoulder just the neck.

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Thanks mate, although I’ve not used it, I have memories of my dad using graphite for neck lube.

Maybe $6 from woollies.
BBs from shotgun shells
Container from kids’ bathbombs

It lasts for ever.