Fuel Prices, get ready for some bad news

Just putting it out there, not a conspiracy theory, BUT…
Having seen the cost of diesel more than double in the last 10 months, I just got an email from the rather large oil company that I run fuel cards with. They began by talking about “fluctuating” fuel prices but went on to talk about “possible” increased prices in the future.
Without my asking, and without them checking I can afford it, they have increased my monthly credit limit by 3 and 1/2 times, it was already in the 5 digit range…Just sayin’.

Yeah, not going to get any better.

Yep, we’ve got harvest just around the corner, was trying to work out how much to increase my cartage rates by, it looks like it’s that old question, 'How long is a piece of string"
I’ve been offered a contract with one farmer who will supply fuel, makes that one easy to work out. Wish they were all like that, it used to be until the blow-ins turned up cutting rates and not understanding how it worked. Sort of like what Uber did to the taxi industry

All our suppliers remain the same, just with a ‘fuel levy’ that varies as the cost of diesel does.


I run a dual fuel system on my Range Rover, the engine is a 300 horse 4.6lt MOTEC injection stroker, built to run like a stabbed rat on the old fashioned Super, so will only run at it’s most eye watering on the 98 octane.

I converted it to run dual fuel in 1998 when gas was 23c/lt, it’s now(as of my last fill up yesty) 146c/lt.
It’s not on the fuel levy, so it didn’t go down when the govvy droped it, but when the levy went back up it went up as well.

Since various government goat rooters did the sweetheart gas deals to allow virtually everyone but Australia make a profit from our sovereign gas reserves, gas has been getting more expensive than every other fuel, by comparison.
At the same time every fuel supplier has plans to remove lpg from their supply chain from their next service station upgrade.

Considering we import 91% of our liquid fuels and are the second biggest producers of gas, this unmitigated fuckery is borderline treason, in my admittedly jaundiced viewpoint.

I know it matters not to anyone but the little OCD man in my head, but I was posting under the affluence of incahol and got my numbers mixed up.
Gas was 126c/lt, I paid a total of $146 to fill the gas and put a thimble full of 98 in the petrol tank. :roll_eyes:


I saw some talking head discussing fuel prices on the weekend, crying about how it’s costing people a bit over 20c/km to drive around these days.

Got me wondering if his world’s riding mopeds now.

My last fuel purchase, above, got me a full tank of lpg for $76.80 and a third of a tank of 98 octane premium for $70.

I only use petrol to start up, for towing or if the “boy racer” urge is on me and run pretty much full time on lpg.

That $76.80 got me 190.4km since last fill.
That’s 40.4c/km :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Granted, his figure was probably an average of brand new cars that sip petrol like a girlyman with a soy latte, and my car weighs 2.5t, has the aerodynamics of a a block of flats and a performance tuned motor but sweet baby cheeses…
China is paying less than 0.1c/lt for our gas and transferring it straight to Europe and making mega profits on it while we take it in the blurter.

I’m actually starting to wonder if I’ve got Ebola or some such and circling the drain in a fever dream.


Are you driving a six cylinder ford by any chance?

No mate, Range Rover

Well, I shall henceforth cease and desist my lamenting and gnashing of teeth over the lpg price.

I went into town today and diesel is now 237c/lt😱,
They never seem to advertise the premium 98 price but standard unleaded was 189.

lol… I remember as a kid my womb doner complaining when it hit 60c a litre… sheesh it hurts now just to fill up…

Mate I’m old enough to remember it costing two shillings a gallon, for the milleniums that’s four and a half cents per litre.

That was when you could get 6 pence worth of chips, and two kids would not be able to eat them all.
They were the best days.

Damn, gone and bummed myself out.

I remember piling the kids into the car and going on a driving adventure to nowhere in particular, just coz it was a cheap day out.


I just filled up for $2.31/l at the local unattended diesel truck stop. Bloody hell, I need someone with a farm close by so I can get excise free diesel.

Doesn’t exist anymore. You have to pay full price upfront and claim a rebate afterwards.

Glad i bought a new Mountain bike now…

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Thinking about putting the horse back in the sulky

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Yeah, i did the same, i figure it’ll pay itself off in no time.

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$2.28 / Lt for diesel here in NQ. :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

Add 10c+ per L here in Vic.

Could be good for the back too mate?

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