FS good shooting vehicle

Shooting van for sale, low kms, loads of space for camping gear and stuff, great ventilation!
Price: 1 million dollars, or nearest offer

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… I’ll even throw in a killo of lead, already in the van.

You’ve thrown quite a few kilos of lead into the van I think!

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You guys really are a pair of bogans! :rofl:

When is it getting a flame red and charcoal black paint job??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I dont know the price seems a bit high. Even from here I can see that the tread on the tyres is shot.

It’ll buff out, new tyres and shes good to go

I don’t suppose it comes with a roadworthy certificate?


No but I don’t think it’ll need much to pass.

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That things holier than the pope mobile.

it’s a Plinkfest custom hotrod :+1:

You guys can have the lead I’ll have the copper, worth more per ton. :rofl:

I’m actually mad it hasn’t gotten any worse to be honest like the front window is still intact! What is that!?

I think those may be older photos, @AusTac - can see @GUN-DMC and @Brett checking out his handy work on the engine block, lol. I am fairly sure it ha s a’few’ more holes now.

Hrmmm, no, maybe it’s a mix of old and new…