Sorry if this is in the wrong topic!!
Out walkin with my four year old lookin for a sunbird nest on Sunday morning when I found this fella…of course no rifle in hand!!!:rofl:

Can ya see him???:beers:

That’s got to suck big time.


Yep that’s him! :grinning:
I first found his pads about a week ago but he comes in and out of the state forest and that’s the first time I laid eyes on by the time I got back up to the shed and back with the 30/30 of course he’s nowhere to be seen the canny bastaaaard!!!

Is this a snake or me being paranoid? Lower right corner with the thin red circle, you’ll need to zoom right in to see what appears to be a head.

Holly fuck

It could be a death adders head or it could be a leaf???
I can’t zoom in enough on my phone but there are plenty of DA’s around at the moment! Bloody good eyes @brett :beers:

I can’t see anything, what is it, what is it?

Where Fatman has circled there’s a scrubber in the trees and where brett has circled is a leaf or a death adder :rofl:

Cool, is that on your property?

Yep down the back paddock :beers:

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Yes. You are paranoid. Leaves and shadows.

Bloody leaves. I thought the other was a dog.

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Oooooooo I don’t know. It’s a mystery!

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