Front Stuffer's and Black Powders

This is my 8ga monster of a front stuffer

shown with a Mauser 98 for size comparison, I’m glad it’s old enough to not need to be stored in a safe because its 6ft long and theres no way it’d fit, lol!

British made in around 1835, unfortunately it’s not in shootable condition with some pretty bad pitting both inside and outside the barrel. but I did pour a measure of BP down it and just tamp down a wad of tissue paper and fire it just for the bang and puff of smoke.

Ive collected a couple of other wall hangers but I give them to my dad and I’ll inherit them back later,lol!

I am buying a .50cal smooth bore Indian Trade Rifle off my dad who has had to give up shooting for health reasons, @Oldbloke also bought one of my dads muzzle loaders. I plan to load the Indian with shot and use it as a shotgun, I’ve already got a Kg of powder and a bunch of shot that I’ve emptied out of 12ga shells that I’ve cut and stuck slugs in.
I did a bit of searching online for wads and card and found Track Of the Wolf in the USA where I’ve ordered 1000 each of over powder cards, fibre wads and over shot cards. all up with postage it cost me 59 bucks, I know I can make my own but I wanted to have some commercial ones to see what I’m trying to replicate. also on the cards is a round ball mold.
I’ll post some pic’s of the gun when I pick it up soon.

Track of the Wolf is good, others from the US that are good to deal with for Black Powder rifles/shotgun accessories are Buffalo Arms and Dixie Gun Works.

that 8ga is nice. lucky it doesn’t need to be locked up. size is one of the only things holding me back from getting a brown bess. none of the safes are tall enough.

Ok,so did you end up shooting that smoothbore Bentaz?

Na mate I’m a slack prick Hey, still haven’t shot it😔