Free wet rotary tumbler to good home.

Now that I have your attention :slight_smile:

I tumble a lot more brass at one time than this bucket can accomodate, so I upgrade. This is now surplus to my requirements. So, indeed, there is a a wet rotary tumbler, that will be going to a good home, but not ‘exactly’ free.

Other then capacity, I was pretty happy with it, great little workhorse.

Rather than selling it, I had a chat to the brain trust and we decided to run a ‘trade’ shall we say :slight_smile:

Winner will get the the tumbler sent :slight_smile: Simples.


Best original article for the forum.

  • It is an original work, by you.
  • It is new - i.e. not recycled from a blog you had 100 years ago.
  • It is exclusively posted on the forum for the foreseeable future.
  • The article must be on topic and in good nature. That is, this is a gun forum, so writing an article on mating habits of giraffe and when would be the best time to hunt them would not be in the spirit of things. Article must be informative, factual and technical, can be on reloading, can be on shooting, fixing, modifying, experimenting, etc. Pick a topic and have at it.


From today until 30 April 2020.
Something to do while we ‘social isolate’.


Feel free to PM your article to mods and admins:


After 30 April 2020 - all articles will be distributed to all people. Read and scored by all people mentioned above. The scored will be tallied and winner will be announced, along with the article. :smiley:


  • Open to Australian and WA residents only. My apologies, shipping is too expensive otherwise.
  • *All moderators and admins are excluded from this.


There will be a second place prize as well, but it will be revealed at a later date.

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Righto everyone, just a friendly reminder to put your entries in.
I know that we have some collectors out there who could do a write up (with photos) of one of their favourite or rarest guns.
We also have some long range competition shooters who could do one on setting up a rifle or even loading for one.
Then there are the hunters out there who may have just done a trip or the re-loaders who could write about all sorts of things.

Please don’t make us send bentaz around to have a word with you, it is likely that he won’t have pants on.

And then… There are some new folks who see things from a completely different point of view and a post like that would be awesome too.

So the forum is very quiet the last few days, does that mean the everyone is working on their entry???

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OK, we know that everyone should have a little free time at the moment in between reloading, watching TV and sleeping that we should have had at least half a dozen entries in.

So far things are looking a little grim, so come on everyone get cracking and put some entries in.

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Bunch of lazy bastards. Comp is over, no submissions lol

I keep the tumbler for powder coating! Ha!

Comp Ended

I half wrote something… does that count? :sweat_smile:

Mmmmm grrrrr