Free tip: 30-30 Winchester and 160g FTX bullets

Your bullet seating die has a stem that is probably designed for fatter, shorter 'tangent ogive" shaped projectiles. On the Redding 80146 two die set, and apparently on Lee dies, the shape and length of the stem will not allow it to seat the Hornady 160g FTX bullet down to the canellure. I can confirm this for the Redding, but have read several internet rundowns of the same problem on several other brands of 30-30 dies.

Solution: use the .308 stem from your .308 die of the same brand. Don’t have a .308? Me neither, so I used my 7mm stem. Works fine, leaves a little ring around your tip. Giggidy!

30-30 stem from the Redding die on the left, 7mmRM on the right.