Free gun cleaning matt

Do you like pizza? Do you like guns? Do you like recycling? Yes? Well, here’s the best gun cleaning matt :slight_smile:

Guns get cleaned once in a while. They always get oil and snake treatment. But proper clean once a couple of weeks or so… So I tend to save a box or two. Works really well. Done, close, bin.

This has been your random midnight tip.

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Whats with the five pronged blue condoms mate???

Udder covers, so you don’t get the corona virus while motorboating cows.


Lol using carby cleaner, dislike the smell, so try to avoid getting it on my hands.

We agreed not to talk about that one time!

Shit, I use that stuff for hand-cleaner.


Sorry i forgot…what happens in the dairy stays in the dairy.

That wasn’t just one time!