Franklin Armory Providence - SHOT SHOW 2019

This is technically no different to an Alfa or Circuit Judge.

Fingers crossed.

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Looks cool, looks scary. Will be kyboshed in W.A. and maybe NSW in a millisecond. Can only hope it gets here. Probably be very expensive and not do anything better than what is available, sort of looking at you Warwick. Would be cool though , no doubt.

NSW and WA? Well, I have one thing to say about that…

I gave up on Warwick, in my opinion they have became irrelevant. Yes, dear customer, just wait a year and we will make you this totally impractical (but, granted, awesome looking) bolt gun. For CIRCA $4k. I actually think they are already done, with options like Rhonda ( and Speedline. I understand it was a new cool thing, but with better products at the same price point that target the same niche, if they don’t innovate, it’s all over for them (unless it’s already all over for them).

I had the cash waiting for Varney Carron shotgun! Got canned at the border, that vs Warwick - Warwick is not even in the race.

This one will do what Alfa and Circuit Judge does, only in a contained actioned. I actually think the trigger will be a lot heavier, purely based on the amount of operations that need to happen. I think the price point will be in the ballpark, moment I hear it’s happening - I am prepaying and starting to save!

Looks Cool, as above I wouldn’t hold my breath on them being allowed in to the country though

If they’re blacktical i doubt the’ll be allowed but good on franklin armoury for being tricky with the laws and what not, they look ar15- ish which is a big no no, maybe if they paint it like a multi coloured lego gun the feds won’t be scared :pray:

Time will tell. Just need to put it in a synthetic stock and then after market shrouds and what not.

Has there been any news on these lately?

If they put it in a std rifle stock it might slip through the red tape then we could just “pimp it” back to it’s original design once we owned it. But the way it stands now i reckon we’ve got a snowflakes of ever seeing them here, and if they did make it i think after a while they’d go the way of the Wedgetail “pistol” (cough cough) and people would be made to hand them in.
Good luck to them though, if they make it here and if you don’t need to use a block & tackle to pull the trigger i’d probably get one,